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Extensive tooth loss can be stressful and painful, but the replacement process doesn’t have to be. Finding a tooth replacement solution that works for you is essential to maintaining your bone structure, speech, and bite. If you’re suffering from tooth loss, Sophi Nabavi, DMD, at Corpus Christi Advanced Dentistry, in Corpus Christi, Texas, provides dentures that meet your tooth replacement needs. Don’t continue to suffer from missing teeth. Call today or book an appointment online with Corpus Christi Advanced Dentistry.

When are dentures the best option?

In some cases, dentures are preferred over dental implants. For instance, patients with extensive tooth loss might not have the jaw bone left to support dental implants. And patients missing several teeth in a row can struggle with a bridge or several dental implants.

For some patients, the long process of being fitted for several dental implants is too extensive or expensive. Working with an experienced dentist at Corpus Christi Advanced Dentistry can determine the best treatment.

What kinds of dentures are there?

The two primary categories of dentures are partial and complete dentures. When patients have several natural teeth remaining, partial dentures are a popular choice to fill the gaps in their smiles. Partial dentures allow healthy teeth to remain and keep them in place. The prosthetic teeth attach to a gum-colored base and fit around the healthy teeth.

Complete dentures also use a gum-colored base. But with no natural teeth to hold the base in place, the dentures create a suction along the gumline to secure them.

Are all dentures removable?

Modern dentures come in three primary choices: traditional, snap-in, and permanent. Traditional dentures have been upgraded in the last few years, looking more natural than ever. While still removable, traditional dentures now fit more securely.

Snap-in dentures are a popular choice that’s removable but snaps into place using implant fixtures in each arch. Their unique design makes them snug and secure without using dental paste or glue. But they can be removed at bedtime or whenever else it’s convenient.

 Some patients don’t want to deal with removable dentures, so fixed or permanent dentures are their best choice. Composed of a metal framework that anchors them into place, fixed dentures offer a slim, sleek, and natural-looking choice.

Regardless of the tooth replacement choice you make, Dr. Nabavi at Corpus Christi Advanced Dentistry offers several choices that suit your individual needs. Call or book an appointment online today to find out more about dentures.

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