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Same Day Dentures

Dentures are a life-changing experience when you’re missing teeth. But the process of getting a set of traditional dentures is time-consuming. Same-day dentures work just like conventional dentures but without the wait. Replacing all of your teeth in a single day might sound too good to be true. But visit Sophi Nabavi, DMD, at Corpus Christi Advanced Dentistry, in Corpus Christi, Texas, and you’ll leave with a complete set of new sparkling white teeth. If you’re missing several teeth, call or book an appointment online with Corpus Christi Advanced Dentistry today to bring back your entire smile.

What are same-day dentures?

Like traditional dentures, same-day dentures, or immediate dentures, are either full or partial dentures inserted on the same day. Instead of having to wait several weeks after your tooth extraction(s) for your mouth to heal, same-day dentures are fitted immediately following the removal of your natural teeth.

What are the benefits of same-day dentures?

While speed and convenience are the main perks of same-day dentures, there are other benefits. Same-day dentures mean you never have to appear in public without your teeth.

Additionally, Corpus Christi Advanced Dentistry can more easily match the shape, color, and arrangement of your natural teeth while they’re still in your mouth. And last, immediate dentures protect the gum tissue and control bleeding after your natural teeth have been extracted.

What can I expect after receiving same-day dentures?

New dentures take time to get used to. The muscles in your mouth need to adjust to your new dental appliance. You might develop sore spots or accidentally bite your tongue or cheek as you get used to the dentures.

New denture wearers also report producing more saliva at first. Eating and speaking around new dentures does take practice. It’s best to begin with soft foods and foods cut into small pieces.

When eating with new dentures, use both sides of your mouth together to keep the dentures in place. Avoid biting with your front teeth until you get more comfortable, and slowly add foods back into your diet as you adjust to your new dentures.

What is a denture reline?

As your mouth heals, the gums under your dentures will probably change and shrink. Changing gums is especially common in patients receiving same-day dentures, where the gums are adjusting to tooth extractions. Within 2-3 months of this procedure, your dentures can become loose. Denture relining provides a new, comfortable fit without replacing the dentures.

Denture relining usually takes less than an hour. Corpus Christi Advanced Dentistry first examines any irritation and movement you’re experiencing and determines if you are experiencing any significant sores or swelling.

Then, your dentist cleans your dentures and sand the denture plate to remove any material causing discomfort or disrupting the contact between the denture and your mouth.

Finally, the dentist applies relining resin to your dentures. You’ll insert the dentures and bite down gently to make an impression. Once the resin hardens, the relining is done.

No one should have to live life without a complete set of teeth. If you’re suffering from partial or complete tooth loss, contact Corpus Christi Advanced Dentistry today to see if same-day dentures are for you. You can call the office or make your appointment online.

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